The Adelaide Business Collective was formed to investigate and demonstrate the economic benefit that a new Citywide Business Alliance could deliver to the City of Adelaide. To achieve this, we vowed to complete the following:

  • Establish an Incorporated Association called the Adelaide Business Collective.
  • Develop a business and retail sector skills-based Committee representative of the various business sectors and geographical locations of the City and North Adelaide.
  • Seek funding from the City of Adelaide (Council) to conduct a Feasibility Study of a Citywide business partnership consistent with overseas models of Business Improvement Districts.
  • Ensure that our 205 members including traders in Rundle Mall, Central Market and Precinct Groups are engaged in the Feasibility Study.
  • Share outcomes with Foundation Members and stakeholders, and if agreed, progress with Council to a 3-year pilot period.

The Adelaide Business Collective proposes to bring Adelaide city businesses together to provide a coordinated approach to funding, marketing, purchasing and education while ensuring that we work towards clear and measurable goals

ABC is a voice for City business

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